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Other Annual Events

Gishi Matsuri-Festival
Zuikoin Temple,
Oishijinja Shrine,
Iwayadera Temple

Chushingura ( the 47 Ronin ) is one of the most popular Japanese drama based on a true story. It's about a group of samurai ( ronin ) who take revenge against the one who slighted their master Asano. The revenge took place in Edo on DEC. 14, 1703. The annual Yamashina Gishi Matsuri parade is held to honor Asano and his men. 47 men costumed as the 47 Ronin parade from Zuikoin Temple, through Iwayadera Temple to Oishijinja Shrine.

  • For more information : Yamashina Gishi Matsuri Executive Committee
    Tel : 075-592-3088
    Access : JR Biwako Line or Kosei Line "Yamashina" station

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Kitano-tenmangu Shrine Kencha Sai Festival ( Tea-offering ceremony )
Kitano-tenmangu Shrine

Tea ceremony. Masters of all the tea ceremony schools take turns at holding tea ceremonies as an oblation in the shrine.

¥5,000 ( ticket for the ceremony, green tea, and a meal of soba noodle )

  • [ Kitano-tenmangu Shrine ]
  • Tel : 075-461-0005
    Access : City Bus No.50 “Kitano-tenmangu”

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Horinji Temple Hari Kuyo

Memorial Service for old needles and pins.

  • [ Horinji Temple ]
  • Tel : 075-862-0013
    Access : Kyoto Bus No.73 "Nakanoshima Koen"

Hanazono Kaikan

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Kyoryori Tenjidaikai at Miyako Messe
" Japanese foods culture festival in Kyoto "
DEC.13 - DEC.14
Kyotoshi Kangyokan ( Miyako Messe )

An exhibition of traditional Kyoto style cuisine prepared by famous restaurants.

Fee : ¥800

  • [ Kyotoshi Kangyokan ( Miyako Messe) ]
  • For more information : Kyoto Ryori Association Tel : 075-221-5833
    Access : City Bus No.5 "Okazaki koen/Bijutsukan/Heian-jingumae"


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