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Other Annual Events

JAN.1 - JAN.3

At Heian period, a holy priest, Kuya cured sick people with a tisane. From that historical event, we can have a Japanese tea which is made from the first water drawn on the morning of New Year’s Day. We can have this ‘Obuku-cha’ 300yen per 9am. – 5pm.

  • [ Rokuharamitsuji Temple ]
  • Tel : 075-561-6980
    Access : City Bus No.206 “Kiyomizu-michi”

Obukucha ( Japanese tea )

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Fude-Hajime Festival / Tenma-Gaki
JAN.2 - JAN.4
Kitano-tenmangu Shrine

Fude-Hajime Festival is a first calligraphy of the year, and starts from 9am. People wish the progress of calligraphy. We do a New Year's writing and wish improvement of calligraphy.

  • [ Kitano-tenmangu Shrine ]
  • Tel : 075-461-0005
    Access : City Bus No.50“Kitano-tenmangu”

Familiar event

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Karuta Hajime
JAN.3 From 1:00PM
Yasaka jinja Shrine

First Karuta (card game) of the year. Women dressed in the Heian Period court costumes play the game. The atmosphere is brilliant and we feel the New Year’s holiday has come.

  • [ Yasaka jinja Shrinee ]
  • Tel : 075-561-6155
    Access : City Bus No.206“Gion”

Card play scene

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Kemari Hajime
JAN.4 from 1:30pm.
Shimogamo jinja Shrine

First football game of the year. Kemari, ancient football game introduced from China about 1400 years ago, is played by men in the Heian Period court costumes. This event is an oldest one, and continueing as ceremony from that period. Many passengers come to watch, so I’ll recommend you to came early and reserve the place to watch.

  • [ Shimogamo jinja Shrine ]
  • Tel : 075-781-0010
    Access : City Bus No.205“Shimogamojinja-mae”


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Gafuten ( Bonsai Exhibition )
JAN.10 - JAN.12(Not yet fixed)  9:30AM - 4:30PM ( -3:00PM on 12th)
Miyako Messe

Memorial The biggest Shohin-Bonsai exhibition held in Kyoto every January.

Fee : ¥800 (Not yet fixed)

  • For more information : Office of All Japan Shohin-Bonsai Association
    Tel : 075-682-1230
  • [ Miyako Messe ]
  • Access : City Bus No.5 "Okazaki Koen Bijutsukan, Hianiingu Mae"

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The incantation of willow and the first shoot an arrow in the year
JAN.12  9:00AM - 3:30PM
Sanjusangen-do Temple

・The first shoot an arrow in the year
9:00 AM-3:30 PM
The shrine has a long corridor which is about 60 meter. The people who play Japanese archery come from all over Japan. They stand at an end of the corridor, and then they shoot the spot at another end. It is called “the shooting through of the Sanjusangendo Temple.” This event is lasting for about 500 years.

・The incantations of willow
9:00 AM-3:30 PM

  • [ Sanjusangen-do Temple ]
  • Tel : 075-561-0467
    Access : City Bus No. 206 or 208 “Hakubutsukan Sanjusangendo Mae”

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Let`s pray the New Year`s happiness!!

Shu-sho-ea of a prayer meeting of a sutra of meeting
Jan.1 and 2

A prayer meeting of a sutra is held six times from New Year`s Eve to the next day of New Year`s day. Priest-prince and priests of all the temple gather there. The visitors who go and worship at temple can get “ofuda” of prayer.
Fee : free (from 11:30 in New Year`s Eve) , ¥500 (from Jan 1)

  • [ Daikakuji-Temple ]
  • Tel : 075-871-0071
    Access : City Bus No. 28 “Daikakuji-mae”

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