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Traditional Performances

Shinnen Kyoen Festival
Kamigamo-jinja Shrine

Traditional music,dance

  • [ Kamigamo-jinja Shrine ]
  • Tel : 075-781-0011
    Access :from Kyoto City Subway Karasuma-line “Kitaoji”,
    City Bus No. North3 “Misonoguchi-chov”

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Shichi-fukujin in Festival
Sennyu-ji Temple

Special display of images of the Shichi-fukujin (Seven Lucky Gods).
Each Shichi-fukujin are set up in Sokujo-in, Kaiko-ji, Kannon-ji, Raigo-in, Unryu-ji, Hiden-in, Houon-in. You can see exhibited Shichi-fukujin and get a good omen. Kobu-tya, Ama-sake, Azuki-gayu are served free.

  • [ Sennyu-ji Temple ]
  • Tel : 075-561-1551
    Access : City Bus No.208 “Sennyuji-Michi”

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Dance with naked body at Hokaiji-Temple 「Shu-sho-ea」!!
JAN.14 7:00PM

Believer of men who purify their body take off their clothes only the upper half of body from about 7p.m. and dance with call repeatedly “chorai”. This word means prayer. This event is very heroic as if blow off coldness of night when feel very chilly.
Especially, “amidado” , and “honzonamidanyorai” of the national treasure are very famous in ancient temples of Daigo group in Shingon Buddhism.

  • [ Hokaiji-Temple ]
  • Tel : 075-571-0024
    Access : Subway Tozai-line “Ishida” station

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Okayu ( Rice Gruel ) Festival
Shimogamo-jinja Shrine

Rituals(10:00-),Rice gruel with red beans is offered to the deity

  • [ Shimogamo-jinja Shrine ]
  • Tel : 075-781-0010
    Access : City Bus No.205 “Shimogamo-jinja Mae”

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The behavior of Nanakusa-gayu
Gokounomiya Shrine

Nanakusa-gayu,rice gruel with seven spring herbs,is behaved for health of the year.

  • [ Gokounomiya Shrine ]
  • Tel : 075-611-0553
    Access : Kintetsu Railway "Momoyama Goryo Mae" Station

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With great force with bamboo grass leaf !!

Yudate- Kagura
Jonangu Shrine

magnificent ceremony ,“Yudate-Kagura” is performed by boiling water with big caldron. The Shinto priest perform “futsushinraku”, ceremony of dipper,dancing of sacred Shinto staff with pendant strips of cut paper and dancing of bamboo,and pray dispersion of an evil sprits, perfect state of health and accomplishment of desire. Shinto dance and music is preformed in the precincts from 2.pm.

  • [ Jonangu Shrine ]
  • Tel : 075-623-0846
    Access : from Kyoto City Subway Karasuma-line “Takeda” Station, then City Bus No. north 1,2 or 3 “Jonangu-Higashi-Guchi”

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Kamigamo Jinnja Shrine

There is installed a firing range more than forty meter on the grass in front of “den” of a sacred Shinto staff with pendant strips of cut paper by approach of precinct.
Shinto priest who wear clothes of hunting and put a “eboshi” shoot the target and stamp out demon. Also, they pray good health of the year. Shinto ritual of bow seldom is held in large area, so that we can see it leisurely.

  • [ Kamigamo Jinnja Shrine ]
  • Tel : 075-781-0011
    Access : City Bus No.4 “Kamigamo-Jinja-Mae”
    then City Bus No. North3 "Misonoguchi-cho"

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