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Takigi Noh Drama
JUN.1 - JUN.2   6:00PM - about 8:30PM
Heianjingu Shrine(In the case of rain : ROHM Theatre Kyoto Main Hall )

Noh Drama, performed outdoors by the light of bonfire, is called Takigi Noh.
This annual Takigi Noh performance at Heian-jingu Shrine is amazingly beautiful and impressive.

 ¥5,000 ( ¥4,000 in advance )

For more information
The Kyoto Takigi-noh Office Tel : 075-754-0331
(from 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., except Mondays)

  • [ Heianjingu Shrine ]
  • Access : City Bus No.5, 100, 32,46 "Okazaki Koen Bijutsukan, Hianiingu Mae"
Noh play under bonfire

Noh play under bonfire


Antique Grand Fair in Kyoto
JUN.26 - JUN.28(Not fixed yet) 10:00AM - 5:00PM
Pulse Plaza

Over 1,500,000 antiques are exhibited and sold by 300 antique dealers from all over world.

For more information : Gomokudo Tel. 077-522-2307

  • [ Pulse Plaza ]
  • Access : From Kyoto City Subway Karasuma-line Takeda Station,
  • City Bus No.South1,2,3 Pulse Plaza-mae


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* Kyoto Outdoor Riverside Dining *

Open air restaurants along the river are unique to Kyoto.
They are set up during summer to enjoy the cool or humid summer night in Kyoto.

Kamogawa Noryo
MAY.1 - SEP.30
The Balconies of Restaurants and bars along the Kamo River between Nijo street and Gojo Street are set up. Many on Pontocho Street west of the Kamo River.

For more information : Kyoto city tourist information office
Tel : 075-343-0548

Hanazono Kaikan

Open air dining

Open air dining

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Kibune no Kawadoko
MAY.1 - SEP.30
Along the Kibune River, northwest Kyoto.

The water of the Kibune River is clear and cool Japanese restaurants only.

For more information : Kibune kankokai

  • Tel : 075-741-4444
  • Access: Eizan Railway "Kibune"

Open air dining

Open air dining

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Takao no Kawadoko
Early APR. - Late NOV. (Night open = Early JUN. - Mid SEP.)
Along the Kiyotaki River, west Kyoto.

Takao area is famous for autumn leaves. Japanese restaurants only.

For more information : Momijiya

  • Tel : 075-871-1005
  • Access : JR Bus "Yamashiro Takao"
  • City bus No.8 "Takao"
Open air dining

Open air dining

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