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* Gion-Matsuri Festival *

JUL.1 - JUL31

Gion Matsuri is one of the largest festivals in Japan.
This festival actually started in 869, when a priest of Yasaka Shrine led a procession of people through Kyoto in an attempt to pray Shinto gods to stop the plague raged at the time. The plague soon ended but this event became the most popular festival in Kyoto.
Most exciting part of the festival is Yoi-Yama ( Eve of the Festival ) and Yama-Hoko Junko( The Grand Procession ), but many other ceremonial rituals are held throughout July.
Here's a list of main festival events.


Hoko and Yama Tate ( Float Construction )
JUL.10 - JUL.14

33 floats are assembled on these days . No nail is used, they are all assembled by ropes, with the traditional method.


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Hoko & Yama Hiki-hajime ( Trial Pull )
JUL.12 - JUL.13

The newly constructed Hoko and Yama ( floats ) are pulled by the neighborhood as a try. Visitors also can join the pulling.

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Dento Geino hono ( Traditional performances )
JUL.15 3:00PM - 6:00PM

Kabuki, Koto, Biwa, Kyogen etc are performed at Yasaka Shrine.

Hanazono Kaikan

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Yoi-Yama ( Eve of the Festival ) and Byobu Matsuri (Screen Display)
Sakimatsuri JUL.14 - JUL.16 Atomatsuri JUL.21 - JUL.23

All the 33 Hoko and Yama(floats)are elaborately decorated with lanterns, and musicians wearing "Yukata", (summer Kimono) play rhythmical "Gion bayashi" music on the floats.
Also private houses along the streets open their doors to show their family treasures such as "Byobu (traditional folding screens)" to the people passing by.


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Yama-Hoko Junko ( The Grand Procession )
Sakimatsuri JUL.17 9:00AM  Atomatsuri JUL.24 9:30AM

The floats are so big and heavy that bunches of bamboo are spread at each street corner to help the floats make a turn. This technique, called "Tsuji-mawashi" , adds the exciting spectacles to the procession.


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Shinko-Sai and Kanko-Sai
JUL.17 and 24

Yasaka Shrine's three Mikoshi ( portable shrines ) parade in the Gion district around 4:00PM., then are displand at an annex of the shrine. They return to Yasaka Shrine on 24th.

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Hanagasa-Junko ( Umbrella Procession )
JUL.24 10:00AM

About ten large umbrellas, decorated with flowers, parade through the streets accompanied by musicians, Geisha and many other people.

  • Prossesion route :
  • Yasaka Shrine --> Shijo St. --> Kawaramachi St. -->
  •           --> Oike St. --> Teramachi St. --> Shijo St. --> Yasaka Shrine
  • [ Yasaka Shrine ]
  • Tel : 075-561-6155
  • Access : City Bus No.206 Gion

Urban Hotel

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* Kyoto Outdoor Riverside Dining *

Yuka, open-air dining areas along the river, are unique to Kyoto. They are set up during the summer months as a way to dine while enjoying a cool summer breeze.
Here are where you can enjoy the Yuka dining.

Kamogawa Noryo Yuka
MAY.1 - SEP.30
Along the Kamo River, between Nijo and Gojo.

Homepage : http://www.kyoto-yuka.com

  • For more information :
  •  Kyoto city tourist information office
  •  Tel. 075-343-0548


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Kibune no Kawadoko
MAY.1 - SEP.30
Along the Kibune River, northwest mountainside of Kyoto.
  • For more information :
  •  Kibune kankokai
  •  Tel. 075-741-4444


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Takao no Kawadoko
Mid APR. - Early N0V. (Night open = JUN. - SEP.)
Along the Kiyotaki River, west mountainside of Kyoto.
  • For more information :
  • [ Momijiya ]   Tel. 075-871-1005


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* Kyoto Pottery Fairs *

JUL.9 - JUL.12 10:00AM - 8:00PM
Senbon-Shakado Temple

Wide selection of pottery from all over Japan.

  • [ Senbon-Shakado Temple ]
  • Tel : 075-461-5973
  • Access : City Bus No.50 "Kamishichiken"

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