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    Other Annual Events

    Go-ojinja Grand Festival
    Go-ojinja Shrine

    Old ceremonial festival.

    • [ Goojinja-Shrine ]
    • Tel : 075- 441-5458
    • Access : Subway Karasuma-line, "Marutamachi"



    Hana Matsuri-Festival
    Ryozen Kannon

    To celebrate the Buddha's birthday on April 8.
    A memorial service is held with tea ceremony and Koto music performance.


    • [ Ryozen Kannon ]
    • Tel : 075-561-2205
    • Access : City Bus No.206 "Higashiyama Yasui"

    KINOE Ryokan

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    Hoyoke Taisai-Festival

    The festival is to express gratitude to the Deity of the shrine, protecting people against dangers.
    Flower arrangement display, some folk entertainment performances, etc.

    • [ Jonangu-Shirine ]
    • Tel : 075-623-0846
    • Access : 15min walk from Subway "Takeda" Exit 6 Subway to "Takeda" Exit 4 and bus No. Minami 1, 2, 3 to "Jyonangu-higashiguchi"

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    Yasurai Matsuri-Festival
    Imamiyajinja Shrine

    One of the Kyoto's three wildest festivals.
    Red and black demons, dance to the music of flutes and drums, parade through the streets with Large parasols, which collect disease-causing spirits and take them to the shrine to be exorcised.

    • [ Imamiyajinja Shrine ]
    • Tel : 075-491-0082
    • Access : City Bus No.206 "Funaokayama"

    Yasurai Matsuri

    Yasurai Matsuri

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    Taiko Hanami Gyoretsu ( Toyotomi Hideyoshi's cherry blossom viewing parade )
    Daigoji Temple

    About 150 people, dressed in costumes of the Momoyama period, present a cherry blossom party held 400 years ago by Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

    • [ Daigoji Temple ]
    • Tel : 075-571-0002
    • Access : City Subway Tozai-line "Daigo" Station

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    Shunki Taisai-Festival
    Shiraminejinja- Shrine

    A football game played by the aristocracy in ancient times called "Kemari" is shown after religious service.
    ( From 11:30AM )

    • [ Shiraminejinja Shrine ]
    • Tel : 075-441-3810
    • Access : City Bus No.9 "Horikawa Imadegawa"

    Hanazono Kaikan

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    Chuyu Sai-Festival
    APR. 19

    The shrine is blessed with the pure spring water, and visited by manufacturers of Sake brewers, who pray for the success of their enterprises.
    The festival is to express their gratitude to the Deity of the shrine.

    • [ Matsunootaisha-Shrine ]
    • Tel : 075-871-5016
    • Access : City Bus No.28 "Matsuotaisha-mae"


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    Shinkosai Festival     "Procession" has been canselled
    Matsunootaisha Shrine

    A thousand year old festival.
    Prayers are offered to the shrine deities at 10AM Kyogen play is performed then.
    The six portable shrines procession starts from the Shine about 11AM carried though the streets to the Katsura River and ferried across the River.

    • [ Matsunootaisha Shrine ]
    • Tel : 075-871-5016
    • Access : City Bus No.28 "Matsuotaisha-mae"

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