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    Flowers in June

    Most parts of Japan get into Tsuyu ( rainy season ), which lasts from the beginning of June to mid July. Though it's not the most suitable season for sightseeing, temple gardens get so lively and attractive in rain.
    Here are some of the best spots to see flowers in June.


    Ajisai (Hydrangea)

    Hydrengea in rainy day is really great. Some temples hold hydrangea viewing festival during this season.


    JUN.5 - 30
    Fujinomori-jinja Shrine

    About 3,500 hydrangea flowers bloom in this shrine garden.


    • [ Fujinomori-jinja Shrine ]
    • Tel : 075-641-1045
    • Access : JR Nara-line "JR Fujinomori" Station

      Hanazono Kaikan


    JUN.1 - JUL.11
    Mimuroto-ji Temple

    About 10,000 hydrangea shrubs of 50 different varieties grow in this temple compound.
    Night light-up is on JUN.12,13,19,20,26,and 27 7:00PM - 9:00PM


    • [ Mimuroto-ji Temple ]
    • Tel : 0774-21-2067
    • Access : Keihan Railway Uji-line "Mimurodo" Station

      Urban Hotel

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    Sarasoju ( Sal Tree )
    JUN.15 - 30 9:30AM - 4:00PM
    Torin-in Temple ( Sub temple of Myoshinji )

    Torin-in is one of the Myoshinji's Sub temples which is not usually open to the public. But when the 300 year sal tree blooms, people can visit this temple to enjoy this white flowers.
    The sal tree reminds us of the classic war tale "Heike Monogatari" which narrates the rapid declined and tragic downfall of the maighty Taira clan (Heike) .

    ¥1,600 ( with green tea)
    ¥5,950 ( with green tea and vegetarian meal )

    • [ Torin-in Temple ( Sub temple of Myoshinji) ]
    • Tel : 075-463-1334
    • Access : City Bus No. 26, JR Bus,"Myoshinji Kitamon-mae"
      JR Sagano-line "Hanazono" Station

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    Kikyo ( Balloon Flower )
    Early JUN. - Early JUL.
    Tentoku-in Temple ( Sub temple of Tofukuji )

    Lovely balloon flowers can be seen is the Momoyama period Zen garden.
    Tentoku-in temple is open to the public in early summer for balloon flowers and in autumn for maple leaves.


    • [ Tofukuji-Temple Tentokuin ]
    • Tel : 075-561-5239
    • Access : City Bus No.208 "Tofukuji"
    •  JR "Tofukuji" Station

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