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    * Obon Festival *

     From the 13th to the 16th of August is called Obon, when people believe spirits of the dead come back to their homes and stay until the last day of Obon.
     During the Obon period, many religious events are held to pay respects to the ancestors.
     Here are the events held in Kyoto.




    Daimonji Gozan-Okuribi Festival
    AUG.16 8:00PM - 8:30PM

      The "Gozan no Okuribi Ritual Fires" of 2020 was held on a largely reduced scale.

     The most popular event on hot summer night in Kyoto Bonfires are lit to light the way for the souls to go back to their world after the yearly visit to this world.
    The fires are lit on five mountains, in the shape of Chinese character 'Dai' meaning 'large' , Myo, Ho, a ship and shrine gateTorii .

    • Good places to see
    •   Along the Kamo River, between Marutamachi Bridge and Misonobashi Bridge
    •   Along the Nishioji Street, between Saiin and Kinkakuji-michi

    For more information : Kyoto City Tourist Information Office
    Tel. 075-343-0548




    Rokudo Mairi
    AUG.7 - 10
    Rokudo Chinnoji Temple

     In ancient times, this temple was believed to be situated on the border between this world and the next. Before Obon, people come to this temple to summon their ancestors' spirits by striking the temple bell.

    • [ Rokudo Chinnoji Temple ]
    • Tel : 075-561-4129
    • Access : City Bus No.206 "Kiyomizu-michi"
    Rokudo Mairi

    Rokudo Mairi

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    * Manto-e ( Ten thousand lights Ceremony ) *

     Manto-e is a memorial service held during Obon to invite their ancestors' spirits with many candle lights.


    Daigoji Temple

    500 lanterns and 600 paper lanterns are lit up.

    • [ Daigoji Temple ]
    • Tel : 075-571-0002
    • Access : Subway Tozai Line "Daigo" Station

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    AUG.8 - 10, AUG16 8:00PM
    Rokuharamitsuji Temple

    Many lanterns are gathered in the shape of Chinese character 'Dai' (large).

    • [ Rokuharamitsuji Temple ]
    • Tel : 075-561-6980
    • Access : City Bus No.206 "Kiyomizu-michi"
    Urban Hotel

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    AUG.9 - 16 Sunset - 9:00PM
    Mibu-dera Temple

    More than 1,000 lanterns are lit.

    • [ Mibu-dera Temple ]
    • Tel : 075-841-3381
    • Access : City Bus No.26 "Mibudera-michi"

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    Manto Nagashi
    Arashiyama Togetsukyo Bridge

     A ceremony to send off the ancestors' sprits. People write their wishes on lanterns and place them on the river in Arashiyama. The Daimonji Okuribi(Torii) can be seen from here.

    • [ Arashiyama Togetsukyo Bridge ]
    • Access : City Bus No.28 "Arashiyama Koen"
    •  JR-Sagano Line "Saga-Arashiyama"
    Asian Beauty

    Asian Beauty

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    * Kyoto Outdoor Riverside Dining *

     Yuka, open-air dining areas along the river, are unique to Kyoto. The restaurants and bars along Kamo river between Nijo to Gojo mostly Pontocho lane set up balconies during the summer season.
    Here are where you can enjoy the Yuka dining.


    Kamogawa Noryo Yuka
    MAY.1 - SEP.30
    Along the Kamo River, between Nijo and Gojo.
    • For more information :
    • Kyoto city tourist information office
    • Tel. 075-343-0548
    in the twilight riverside

    in the twilight riverside

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    Kibune no Kawadoko (River Restaurant in Kibune)
    MAY.1 - SEP.30
    Along the Kibune River, northwest mountainside of Kyoto.

    For more information :

    • Kibune kankokai
    • Tel. 075-741-4444
    Open air dining

    Open air dining

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    Takao no Kawadoko (Takao River Restaurant)
    Early APR. - Late NOV. (Night Opening : Early JUN. - Mid SEP.)
    Along the Kiyotaki River, north-west mountainside of Kyoto.

    For more information :

    • Momijiya
    • Tel. 075-871-1005
    Open air dining

    Open air dining

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    * Temple Light-Up *

    AUG.1 - AUG.18

     Artistically lighted up landscape is unforgettable.

    ¥600 ( including the visit to Sho Musuem )

    • [ Kodaiji-Temple ]
    • Tel : 075-561-9966
    • Access : City Bus No.206 "Higashiyama-Yasui"

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    AUG.14 - 16 7:00PM - 9:30PM
    Kiyomizu Temple

     A fantastic night view of the entire city of Kyoto.


    • [ Kiyomizu Temple ]
    • Tel : 075-551-1234
    • Access : City Bus No.206 "Kiyomizumichi"
    Kiyomizu Temple

    Kiyomizu Temple

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    Gojozaka Pottery Festival 2021
    AUG.7 - 10 9:00AM - 10:00PM

    In order to prevent further spread of the new Coronavirus infection, Gojozaka Pottery Festival 2020 was canselled.

     'Kyoyaki' is the general name for ceramics produced in Kyoto. At this pottery market, about 400 stalls along the street sell Kyoyaki and potteries from all over Japan with 30% - 50% discount price.

    • [ Gojozaka ]
    • Access : City Bus No.206 "Gojozaka" , Keihan Railway "Kiyomizu-Gojo" station
    a lot of .....

    a lot of .....

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