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  • September Infomation

    Other Annual Events

    * Other Annual Events *

    Hassaku-Sai Festival
    Matsunoo Taisha Shrine

     Mikoshi ( Portable Shrine ) Parade starts at 10:00AM, also other performances like Sumo, traditional dances can be seen.

     Admission : Free

    • [ Matsuoo-Taisha Shrine ]
    • Tel : 075-871-5016
      Access : City Bus No.28 "Matsuo Taisha" 

    • Hanazono Kaikan


    Karasu Sumo Wrestling
    Kamigamo Jinja Shrine

     Karasu means crows. After the festival, humorous Sumo Wrestling performed by children.

     Admission : Free

    • [ Kamigamo Jinja Shrine ]
    • Tel : 075-781-0011
      Access : From Kyoto City Subway Karasuma-line "Kitaoji" Station,
      then City Bus No. North3 "Misonoguchi-cho"



    Iwashimizu-Matsuri Festival
    Iwashimizu Hachimangu Shrine

     One of the oldest festivals in Japan. Big parade, about 500 peaple and gods, can be seen.

    • [ Iwashimizu-Hachimangu Shrine ]
    • Tel : 075-981-3001
      Access : Keihan Railway "Yawata" Station



    Kushi-Matsuri ( Comb Festival )
    Yasui-Konpiragu Shrine

     An exhibition of old combs. Women in costumes and hairstyles from the ancient times to today leave Shrine at 2PM and parede Gion area.


    • [ Yasui-Konpiragu Shrine ]
    • Access : City Bus No.206 "Higashiyama-Yasui"

    • komachi


    Hagi Matsuri ( Bush Clover Festival )
    The middle of September
    Nashinoki Jinja Shrine

     Dedicated Haiku poems written on a strip of paper are hung on the branches of bush clover. Kyogen play, traditional dances, tea ceremony are also held.

    Tea reception (undecided)
     ¥1,500 (with a plate of bush clover)

    • [ Nashinoki Jinja Shrine ]
    • TEL : 075-211-0885
      Access : City Bus No.17 or 205 "Furitsuidai Byoin-mae"

    Bush Clover Festival