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    Other Annual Events

    * Tanabata-Matsuri Festival *

    Tanabata (star festival) takes place on July 7, based on a Chinese legend, celebrates the meeting of the two lovers, a shepherd (Altair) and a weaving girl (Vega), who are usually separated from each other by the milky way. because their laziness and disrespect.
    On the day of Tanabata, children write their wishes on colored, thin papers, hang them on a bamboo tree, in the hope that their wishes become true.
    Here are some of the Tanabata Matsuri events held in Kyoto.

    JUL. 2 and 3
    Kodaiji Temple

    Beautiful Tanabata decorations made of bamboo branches are displayed in the garden. Night light up is also beautiful.


    • [ Kodaiji Temple ]
    • Tel : 075-561-9966
    • Access : City Bus No.206, 100, 202, 207 "Higashiyama Yasui"


    Jishu Jinja Shrine

    This shrine is believed to be a deity of love, very popular with young women. On this day, they write their own name and the person they love on a Kokeshi ( a small girl doll ) shaped paper, hang them on a bamboo tree, wishing for their love to be achieved.

    • [ Jishu Jinja Shrine ]
    • Tel : 075-541-2097
    • Access : City Bus No. 206, 100, 207, 202 "Kiyomizu-michi" or "Gojozaka"

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    Shiramine Jingu Shrine

    Kemari, a 1,000-year-old football game at 2:30PM, traditional dance performance by children in traditional costume at 4:00PM

    • [ Shiramine Jingu Shrine ]
    • Tel : 075-441-3810
    • Access : City Bus No. 9, 101,12, 59, 102, 201, 203 "Horikawa Imadegawa"
    Urban Hotel

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    Mitarashi-Matsuri Festival
    Late JUL.(not fixed yet)
    Shimogamo Jinja Shrine

    Purifying ceremony to pray for health. People, holding a candle in one hand and shoes in the other, step into the clear stream flowing through the shrine.

    • [ Shimogamo Jinja Shrine ]
    • Tel : 075-781-0010
    • Access : City Bus No.205, 4 "Shimogamo Jinja-mae"


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    Onda Sai ( Rice Planting Festival )
    Matsunoo Taisya Shrine

    Religious rite to pray for a good harvest. Three girls, holding rice shoots in their hands, are carried three times around the shrine on the shoulders of men.

    • [ Matsuo Shrine ]
    • Tel : 075-871-5016
    • Access : City Bus No.28 "Matsuotaisha"
    • Hankyu Railway "Matuo Taisha"

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    Motomiya-Sai Festival
    JUL.23 and 24(not fixed yet)
    Fushimi-inari Taisha Shrine

    Worshippers from all over Japan visit the shrine on this day. Thousands of paper lanterns are lit in the evening.

    • [ Fushimiinari Taisha Shrine ]
    • Tel : 075-641-7331
    • Access : JR Nara-line, "Inari" Station / Keihan-line "Fushimi-inari" Station


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    Kyuri Fuji ( Cucumber service )
    JUL.21 and 23(not fixed yet)
    Jinkoin Temple

    A ceremony to get rid of illness using cucumber.

    ¥1,500 (a cucumber and ritual fee)
    Free for the visit

    • [ Jinkoin Temple ]
    • Tel : 075-491-4375
    • Access : City Bus No.9 "Jinkoin-mae"

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    Pumpkin Service
    Anrakuji Temple

    It is believed that eating Shishigatani Kabocha ( pumpkin ) on this day prevents suffering from paralysis. Pumpkin service to the visitors. Temple's treasures are also displayed on this day.


    • [ Anrakuji Temple ]
    • Tel : 075-771-5360
    • Access : City Bus No. 5, 100, 102, 203,204, 32 "Kinrinshako-mae"

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    Mushi-Barai-E ( Insect Cleaning )
    Shinnyodo Temple

    Temple treasures like scrolls and artworks are placed in the hall for airing and cleaning insects.


    • [ Shinnyodo Temple ]
    • Tel : 075-771-0915
    • Access : City Bus No.5, 100, 102, 203, 204, 93 "Shinnyodo-mae"

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    Hiwatari-sai ( Fire Walk )
    Tanukidanisan-Fudo-in Temple

    After a fire burning ceremony people walk across the coals. This Fire walk is for good health.

    • [ Tanukidanisan-Fudo-in Temple ]
    • Tel : 075-722-0025
    • Access : City Bus No.5 "Ichijoji-Sagari-Matsu-cho"

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    Sennichi Mairi ( A Thousand Days Visit )
    Atago Jinja Shrine

    It is said that a visit to the shrine on this day is the spiritual equivalent of visiting the shrine on 1,000 other days. All through the night. thousands of pilgrims climb the 924m high Mt. Atago to visit the shrine of the top.

    • [ Atago Jinja Shrine ]
    • Tel : 075-861-0658
    • Access : Kyoto Bus No.72, 62 "Kiyotaki"

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