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  • September infomation


    * Highlights *

    Kodaiji Temple "Kangetsu Chakai"(Moon Watching Tea Ceremony)
    SEP.8 - 30 ( FRI. SAT. SUN. only )
    Kodaiji Temple

     Japanese tea ceremony under the beautiful autumn moon, also including the visit to the gardens at Kodaiji, Entokuin and Sho Museum, DimSam meal.

     ¥8,000 ( reservation necessary )

    • [ Kodaiji Temple ]
    • Tel : 075-561-9966
      Access : City Bus No.206 "Higashiyama-Yasui"
    Rokudo Mairi

    Tea reception

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    Kiyomizudera-Temple "Seiryu-e"(Blue Dragon Dance)
    SEP.14 - 15
    Kiyomizu Temple

     Seiryu, a dragon, is said to drink the waterfall in Kiyomizu Temple. Colorful parade of the blue dragon with people in traditional costume at 2:00PM


    • [ Kiyomizu Temple ]
      Tel : 075-551-1234
      Access : City Bus No.206 "Kiyomizumichi"

    KINOE Ryokan
    Asian Beauty

    Colorful parade

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    * Special Autumn Public Temple and Shrine Openings *

    Toji Temple Treasury Opening
    SEP.20 - NOV.25
    Toji Temple

     An unrivalled collection of national treasures are open to public.


    • [Toji Temple ]
    • Tel : 075-691-3325
      Access : Kintetsu Railway "Kyoto" station
      15min walk from JR "Kyoto" station

    • Urban Hotel
    Kyoto Garden Hotel

    National treasure

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    Hiraoka Hachimangu-Shrine Special Opening
    Mid SEP. - Early DEC. (except Festival date)
    Hiraoka Hachimangu Shrine

     Unique ceiling paintings of seasonal plants.


    • [ Hiraoka Hachimangu Shrine ]
      Tel : 075-871-2084
      Access : JR Bus Hiraoka Hachiman
    Hotel MATSUI

    Ceiling paintings

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    * Kyoto Outdoor Riverside Dining *

    Yuka, open-air dining areas along the river, are unique to Kyoto. The restaurants and bars along Kamo river between Nijo to Gojo mostly Pontocho lane set up balconies during the summer season.
    Here are where you can enjoy the Yuka dining.

    Kamogawa Noryo
    MAY.1 - OCT.31
    Along the Kamo River, between Nijo and Gojo.
    • For more information :
    • Kyoto city tourist information office
    • Tel. 075-343-0548

    in the twilight riverside

    in the twilight riverside

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    Kibune no Kawadoko (River Restaurant in Kibune)
    MAY.1 - SEP.30
    Along the Kibune River, northwest mountainside of Kyoto.

    For more information :

    • Kibune kankokai
    • Tel. 075-741-4444
    Open air dining>

    Open air dining

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    Takao no Kawadoko (Takao River Restaurant)
    Early APR. - Late NOV.(Night Opening : Early JUN. - Mid SEP)
    Along the Kiyotaki River, north-west mountainside of Kyoto.

    For more information :

    • Momijiya
    • Tel. 075-871-1005

    Open air dining

    Open air dining

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